Meet One of Our Favorite Gift Givers: Our Own CEO

This is the first in a series of Thank You Kindly team member meet and greets! We're using this post to recap a handful of questions and answers with our very own CEO. Like all of our posts in this series, it'll be brief, bold and blunt!

Since every gift we send is unique, we decided to kick this interview off with the question - what is one unique thing about you?

One unique thing about me is that I get a kick out of facing my fears. I genuinely enjoy doing things afraid. The elation I feel after I conquer something that scared me, is special.

What's one incredible gift you received?

My mom's generosity.

What do you love most about working at ThankYouKindly?

Creating. Building something tangible out of something as small and intangible as a thought. Seeing so many amazing things crafted by human hands - and the journey each piece goes through as it takes shape over time. The process - as brutal as it is, I appreciate so much. The delivery runs, especially when it's a surprise. Using my own hands to create something that I know will become an heirloom. Hearing about gift recipients crying literal happy tears when they receive one of our gifts. Honestly, I could go on for a while with this one. I'm thankful to do what I do.

What's the hardest thing about working at ThankYouKindly?

The building. There's plenty more to do, an intimidating amount of work, which is a gift, really, for me. Like I answered earlier, I like to build.

What's the best gift you've given someone else?

A second chance.

What's one word to describe the team?


What's your favorite thing about the San Francisco office?

The kindness of the people in it.

What's on your office soundtrack right now?

Not just answering this for the word play, but Koffee's album Gifted is on replay for me throughout the work day. x10 is my favorite at the moment but the entire thing is, well, a gift.

What's a simple gift you've given yourself recently?