How Closing Gifts Open New Doors

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” Some of us have heard the expression, but we know that when it comes to closing gifts as an agent—it doesn’t apply. Better gifts = more new business.

A great closing gift doesn’t close the chapter between you and your client—it invites new conversations and opens doors to new opportunities. Your clients are more likely to recommend (and rave!) about you to the people in their lives, when you leave a closing gift that’s meaningful to them, that they use over and over again.

If you’re stuck on what to gift, don’t worry. We have a few tips and tricks to make the process easier.

Consider Their Interests

This feels like a given, but between your busy schedule and not knowing the whole history of your clients, it’s easy to go astray with closing fits. For example, while champagne is a popular choice, it might not be appropriate for every client. Maybe they’re sober or just recently began trying to drink less. Or, maybe they don’t like the way champagne tastes. (Hey, we’re all different!) In any case, it’s important to pay attention to likes and dislikes when it comes to closing gifts that leave a good impression.

Paying attention to what clicks with your clients—whether it’s an aesthetic they love, or a cuisine that they can’t get enough of—will come in handy for finding the perfect closing gift. Giving a gift that aligns with their interests not only shows gratitude, but reaffirms that you understand their needs and are a great fit as a team! (For future moves, too... hint hint.)

Did you notice nautical antiques in their home? A paperweight shaped like an anchor is a better bet than a bohemian throw blanket. Did they mention wanting a bigger kitchen so they could cook more at home? Kitchen accessories make more sense as a closing gift than a gift card to a restaurant. Invest in what interests them. It pays off!

Personalize Whenever Possible

A great way to make closing gifts feel more personal is… you guessed it—personalization! Who doesn’t love a monogrammed gift over something generic? Remember those Jansport backpacks with initials, popular among middle schoolers everywhere? And the nameplate necklaces that have been popular since the eighties? People really love to see their very own name on some of their favorite things, and closing gifts are no different.

While we’re certainly not recommending nameplate necklaces or Jansport backpacks, personalizing a closing gift can take something from “blah” to “AHH.” A cutting board can turn into a special piece, once there’s thought and intention behind the gifting and the other pieces you include in the gift set. It’s the personal touches that make all the difference. For example, one of our clients sent a cutting board that looks like a record player to a music-loving couple that just closed on their first home. They're both big fans of wine & cheese nights, so the cutting board was engraved with a record studio graphic that incorporated both their names and paired with a wine bottle from a vineyard that creates custom playlists for each of their varietals and crystal wine glasses featuring the same bespoke record studio graphic engraved onto their custom cheese board. Which realtor will they recall to their friends and family at their housewarming happy hour toast? The one that gifted them, of course!

All this to say - if you’re ready to wow your clients, personalizations with a unique twist can really take a classic closing gift to the next level. Think: puns that rhyme with their name, or personalization that take their interests in mind, too. Of course, it’s just as important to keep it tasteful as it is to be a bit playful.

The Closing Gift Is Just the Beginning

You don't want your relationship with your clients to end with a closing gift. It’s important to maintain a relationship, so you stay top-of-mind for their future needs as well! Of course, happy clients are also great for building referral business, with word-of-mouth being a very big deal in this industry. According to the National Association of Realtors, more than half of all buyers in 2019 used an agent that they either knew from their personal network or were referred to by someone in their network!

Sending handwritten greeting cards, small gifts and sweet treats, as well as timely emails about the local market are just a few of the many great ways to keep an ongoing connection with your clients—even after the sale. This way, you'll be doing all you can to ensure that after closing, new doors continue to open for you!