Say Hello To ThankYouKindly!

This is it -- ThankYouKindly is here! Along with this splendid announcement we're using this blog to answer some common questions we're getting.

Firstly, who are we?

Well, let's start with who we were. We were previously sales, customer success and marketing pros. The thing we each had in common at that time was the desire to gift in a way that maximized measurable ROI while thrilling our professional contacts -- this wasn't easy. The process of finding the perfect gifts was more stressful and time-consuming than it should have been. We couldn't find a solid service for this, and it's no surprise why -- logistical, bandwidth, visibility challenges aplenty. Add the fact that different roles at different points of the relationship have different goals... and who on Earth would have time to deliver on all of that?

Well, now we do, for you. We set out to build the service we always wished we had. Now we did and you can have it too.

Here's what the magic is...

We dazzle your contacts with curated gifts on your behalf. The (branded) goodies themselves are wrapped into memorable keepsake boxes to win over clients, partners & prospects at all stages of relationship-building. Each time a contact looks at the keepsake box your gift came in, remembers the punny (we love puns!) handwritten note we wrote them on your behalf or makes use of the perfect gift you sent their way they remember you, your team, your brand with delight.

How is it that you pinpoint this perfect gift for every single recipient?

Well, since you've asked, here's how the magic works...

We like to say we've set up a solution to absorb the hassle so you can deliver the magic. We like even more that we don't just say that, but we deliver on it in 3 gleeful steps. The first is creating the free TYK account. The second is when you let us know who your recipient(s) are and why you're gifting them. We ask for your recipient(s) full names not to contact them, but instead to get some quick access to their social presence where we're able to get insight into what delights them. We use that insight to inform our own creative, gift-giving, some (ie. we) might like to call it magical talents to curate the perfect gifting options for the particular person. We send you these options for approval. You approve the best one. We wrap it all up beautifully and deliver each and every gift set quickly. We never contact the recipient(s) and the gift sets themselves are delivered just as they would be if they came directly from you.

This sounds special. I can't wait to use ThankYouKindly to gift my personal friends and family. But as far as gifting my clients, partners and prospects, I'm a bit unsure. Is gift-giving on the corporate level worth it anyways?

Well, firstly, thank you kindly! This is something special and we cannot wait to delight each and every one of your personal contacts.

Secondly, of course gift giving on the corporate level is worth it! This isn't just a well-informed opinion, rather it's a fact. That's why we initially started as a solution exclusively servicing B2B teams before opening our offering up to gift-giving on the personal level as well. Go ahead, ask us about the professional results we drive. We cannot wait tell you how you and your team can save time & generate measurable ROI (40x for sales development teams so far) by charming contacts with splendid gifts and handwritten notes delivered by us from you.

Can I begin using this today?

Yes. Sign up here and thank you kindly!