Three Things to Consider When Gifting Client Swag

While great service is important in keeping your customers and clients happy, another key to building loyalty is with unexpected, delightful surprises. Sometimes, these surprises come in the form of value-added services, such as free trials or demos. Another way to incorporate freebies is by giving away corporate swag. And there’s ROI to prove it—an Advertising Speciality Industry study found that over 60% of respondents ended up doing business with the company that gave them swag.

Swag definitely has value, but how can you make sure that your recipients love your gifted items? Here are a few things to keep in mind when gifting.

Matching Swag with Objective

Making sure that gifts aligns with your business’s objectives and core messaging is important when it comes to picking out swag. For example, if you’re at a company that prides itself on sustainability, making sure your swag is eco-friendly is necessary. Swag is an extension of your company’s brand, so make sure whatever items you select are well considered and aligned with your brand values.

Tip: Tying in a clever message that corresponds with your swag is a great way to make your gift stand out even more. Ideally, your swag can also play off the dynamic you have with your clients. For example, if the gifting occasion falls around New Year’s, one thing you could do with swag is send monogrammed champagne glasses, toasting not only to the new year in general, but also a new year full of exciting work together.

Customer Ambassadors

One thing that your coordinated swag efforts may lead to is customer ambassadors. Unlike influencers who get paid to represent your brand or product, customer ambassadors help spread your value to others for free. By creating more touch points with your clients, you are not only building a deeper relationship with them, but also potentially creating powerful advocates who provide great public feedback on your business.

They might also share posts featuring your gifted swag on their social media accounts, or do other things to help promote your organization’s culture. Because the more positive interactions you share with them, the more likely your customers will see themselves as a natural extension of what you do.  

Keep Swag Topical, too

During this ongoing pandemic, most of us are spending more time at home than usual. One important thing to keep in mind when considering swag is not only upcoming holidays and events, but where your clients are at… literally.

You might consider some at-home gifts to make your clients’ WFH experiences even cozier. Think personalized mugs and coffee, slippers, or even a virtual escape room for some fun bonding! An alternate route you could take is with an outdoors-themed gift. Picnic blankets, lawn games, and more could be a fun way to get your client an experiential gift that allows them to socially distance, too!