Four Tips to Boost Employee Morale

Let’s be real: Maintaining employee morale can seem tricky. Keeping team members’ outlooks positive—while making sure they maintain confidence and satisfaction at work—can feel even more daunting than some those TikTok dance challenges. We’re here to help with the former, because we believe that an engaged workplace is the key to long-term success! 

(But we also wouldn’t say no to a dance challenge. 🤠) 


Find Your Mission, Find Your People

How do you make sure you start off on the right foot with potential and current employees? It’s important to be upfront and clear about what your company stands for, and its purpose of existence. Ask yourself, what’s the mission of your organization? Making sure that potential hires align with company values helps with higher job satisfaction and better morale. Look for hints and clues in potential hires’ resumes and references. Do they seem to match with your org’s purpose? If so, that’s a great indicator to swipe right. 👉


Be Real

Remember when we said it was important to be upfront and clear about mission statement? We *really* mean it. Being disingenuous about a company’s mission statement will lead to employee cynicism, which is definitely not what anyone wants. We see this a lot when brands align themselves publicly with a cause to drum up public support, with very little personal investment behind it. In other words, they participate in “virtue signaling,” a term made famous by British financial journalist, James Bartholomew. But by keeping the company mission authentic, you’ll stay on the right track—and avoid some major “yikes” moments. (Twitter never forgets…) 


Keep Things Personal

So, you’ve focused on an authentic mission statement. Your team is aligned with your organization’s cause. What’s next? Keeping employees motivated through regular acknowledgement and celebrating their personal milestones can go a long way with boosting morale. Showing individualized care demonstrates that you see employees not just for their contributions to the company, but as unique and whole people outside of work, as well. Personal touches always help! Celebrating employees’ baby showers, birthdays, meeting company goals and…heck, even pet adoption congratulations are all good opportunities to introduce gift giving. All this helps boost morale across your entire organization. It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving! 🎉


Secure the Bag

Outside of employee happiness, there’s also another reason why it’s important to have engaged employees—it tackles the bottom line, too. According to Successories, “disengaged employees cost a company about $3,400 per $10,000 of salary. So, if an employee earning $50,000 a year becomes disengaged, he or she could cost the company roughly $17,000 annually.” Ouch! On the other hand, engaged employees increase company profitability by up to 21 percent. 

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